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  1. What I learned about people working as a live event illustrator

    2023-02-01 16:40:54 UTC
    I have been a full-time fashion illustrator for 12 years now and for half of those I had the pleasure to illustrate live at various fashion and luxury PR events in Europe.  Over 6 years of doing this, I observed things about people I believe are important and interesting which

  2. People on the internet are lying to you

    2021-11-20 21:28:25 UTC
    I was on TikTok the other day and this guy was talking about how a year ago he decided to go full-time with his chocolate business even though he didn’t know ANYTHING about it. He didn’t even know how to temper chocolate, he says!  A day later I am scrolling…

  3. To be creative you have to be willing to destroy

    2020-11-16 22:54:39 UTC
    The other day I came upon a chapter in something I was reading on how destruction is a necessary element of creativity. This phrase hit me with that intense zing of truth that happens only when we recognize something we never before put into words before but already knew to…

  4. 5 tips that will make your fashion sketches look professional

    2020-10-12 18:59:16 UTC
    I’ve been struggling with writing this post far more than I ever did with drawing actual figures.  I wasn’t sure where to start. I’ve also seen so many posts and videos explaining how to draw the 10 heads fashion figure, using a ruler (!?) and explaining literally one figure to…

  5. Depression and creativity: What’s art(ist) got to do with it?

    2020-10-05 09:21:36 UTC
    This is a guest post by Andrea Gerčar on understanding and effects of depression in artists.  Andrea is a psychologist and licensed gestalt psychotherapist and has a private practice in Zagreb, Croatia..You can follow Andrea on her IG @gestalt_psihoterapija for more great short form insights. Creative process is an emotional…

  6. Drawing on the right side of the brain by Betty Edwards

    2020-09-28 20:21:47 UTC
    First time I encountered this book I was blown away. Why did no one ever tell me about this?!?! I was educated in art and I never even heard of it. Granted, art education in Croatia consists of “Here is the subject, draw it” and when you inevitably fail they…

  7. How to be confident in your art

    2020-09-21 10:26:09 UTC
    For most of my life, I was waiting for a magical day I will wake up and have complete and utter confidence in my work. I was probably waiting for it in general terms as well, but let’s not get into that yet. I wasn’t just sitting and waiting around…

  8. How to draw a head you are proud of

    2020-09-14 19:06:09 UTC
    How painful is it when you see illustrations where the poor artist so obviously struggles with the head that in the process their illustration loses so much appeal it reads as something entirely different from what they have intended? Another version you often see is when there is no face…

  9. 5 drawing mistakes that are ruining your fashion illustrations & how to fix them

    2020-09-06 19:18:31 UTC
    I am well aware that this headline is clickbaity and I am sorry about that. However, I truly believe this is very useful content that can make learning easier and faster for so many people so I will do whatever it takes to reach them. It is frustrating and sad…

  10. This is key to great fashion illustration and you are probably not doing it

    2020-09-02 09:56:10 UTC
    You will likely hate me for what I am about to tell you but it is unavoidable:  This is one of the most important skills you need in any kind of figure drawing and it is super hard to explain. You need to just get it. Okay? Great! For a…

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