Live drawing at events

Fashion illustration experience

It's fascinating for people to watch an illustration come to life. In 5-10 minutes guests at your event can have a unique experience and have their completely personalised original portrait or fashion figure drawing done to take home with them. This leaves a lasting impression of both the event and your brand and people are always happy to frame it, post it and  share it to social media!



Three things I need to draw live at your event:

  • Small table at a well lit area with enough space that people can stand and observe without crowding. People are in awe of seeing a drawing happen before their eyes.
  • Watercolour paper, size depending on clients needs. Mostly A5 or A4, although I work with  bigger formats as well. It is best practice for the client to brand the paper with their logo before the event.
  • A glass of water ( no drinking and drawing, we want everyone looking beautiful in their portraits :-)) and happy customers.

Photo credit @ Goran Borjanic


3 reasons you should have a live illustrator at your event

Unique experience

It's an opportunity to give your guest a night to truly remember. For most people this is the first time they had a chance to be drawn and see the process happen in front of them which makes the event a truly memorable experience. They will always connect this with you and your brand.

Happy clients care & share

Happy clients like to tell everyone about their  joy. They will post about it, tag you, tell their friends. People will always share when they experience something special. At the same time when your clients and guests feel like you care about them they will in turn care even more about you.

Free the parents

At many events there are children with their parents and this is especially exciting for both them and their parents. It entertains the child for a period of time giving parents a moment to relax and enjoy your event even more. It also gives kids a new experience plus for the parents it's a great way to have another image of their kid. We all know it's never enough. :-)

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