Live drawing at events

Fashion illustration experience

In the last 5 + years I have worked as a live illustrator at luxury events, again and again I find myself surprised and touched by how fascinated people are while watching their portraits come to life. It's a unique experience that leaves your guests with a piece of original art they take with them to forever cherish your event. A memory guaranteed to forever remind them of the great experience your events are. 


3 reasons you should have a live illustrator at your event

Unique experience

For most people, this will be the first opportunity the've had to have their portrait drawn, to see the process happen in front of them, one that will your event a truly memorable experience, one they will always connect with you and your brand.

Happy clients care & share

Nothing spreads the world like a good old word of mouth & happy clients like to tell everyone about their joy and nowhere does the word spread faster than on social media: your guests will post about it, tag you, tell their friends. At the same time when your clients and guests feel like you care about them they will in turn care even more about you.

Perfect for couples

Very often at events couples will want a memento of them together, and such portratis are both an experience to remember and a tangible gift for them to take home. Couples portraits naturally take a bit more time but 15-20 minutes is a short time to wait, considering the everlasting gift they will have to always remind them of your event. 


Three things I need to draw live at your event:

  • Small table set in a well lit area with enough space that people can stand and observe without crowding. Nothing captures the attention of people as skill and talent does and a small crowd always forms, watching the magic happening before their eyes.
  • Watercolour paper, size depending on clients needs. Mostly A5 or A4, although I work on  bigger formats as well. It is best practice for the client to brand the paper with their logo before the event.
  • A glass of water for the watercolors ( no drinking and drawing, we want everyone looking beautiful in their portraits :-))

Photo credit @ Goran Borjanic

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