Before I post anything I would just like to take a moment to welcome you here and to tell you what you can expect from this blog.

Idea is to give out into the world something I wish I had when I was starting out. Your starting out might not be at the same chronological age I was, but the process of taking your first steps will be similar for a lot of us. 

About a year ago I had a very emotional moment looking through some old drawings of mine. I realized just how much time I have wasted insisting on ignoring some well known paths to good drawing, and both me and my work suffered for it. 

I felt very angry and resentful at myself for making those choices. 

But then I remembered why I had taken those steps, I remembered all the bad experiences I had with a lot of art teachers during my formal education and I realised I had taken my art under my coat and hid along the backwood paths so we wouldn’t be exposed to anymore criticism or derision.

It still wasn’t the smartest decision but all of a sudden I had compassion and understanding for myself; I realised I just found the best way I could work with at that moment in time.

But, if I had someone to show me the way, to guide me, to show me empathy while teaching me and explaining art and drawing and insecurities that life of any artist brings, my life might have been easier. Or at least I would come to certain things much sooner. I could have maybe come further then where I am.

So now I want to be that for someone. I want to offer guidance and understanding, I want to tell you my stories to help you, I want to share my knowledge. 

This blog will deal with both technical and emotional aspects of being an artist. As I am an illustrator I will inevitably begin from that perspective but I suspect that a lot of subjects are applicable across industries. It will deal in large part with mental health which, I promise you, can make or break any career, not just artistic one, and it will deal with the business side of being an artist which is where a lot of artists including myself tend to struggle with.

I welcome all feedback and opinions so please comment, dm, share, Titok @ me. Let me know what you think, how you feel, how you disagree, all of it!

Enjoy the blog and use it to your biggest advantage! If there is anything I would like you to know in life, it’s this: use all available resources* for your and society’s biggest advantage.

*Resources meaning knowledge and opportunities not cutting down trees in Amazonia like we have a backup planet to move to!

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